Dear Friends,

At the start of the New Year I wish you a healthy, prosperous, and successful 2013. In my wish I include your beloved family and hope they will share with you in your fruitful endeavors. As chairman of Conasense I look backwards to a most interesting establishing of Conasense in 2012.

When looking forward, I am convinced that the coming year will become exciting knowing that first steps towards global recognition of Conasense will be made.

Below I summarize major milestones of 2012 and actions for 2013.

For 2012 I selected the following Conasense highlights:
    1. First annual Conasense workshop, 13-14 February 2012

      1. Presentations and discussions have been summarized in the minutes. They were sent to you.
      2. Your contributions illustrate that Conasense deserves its own place in the technical/scientific arena. At the same time your input learned that Conasense covers broad areas and that selections are needed.
      3. In the organizational structure the idea was raised to give focus on selected areas by setting up Conasense working groups.

    2. Conasense website

      1. River Publisher has set up the website. Please look at
      2. Aims, organizational structure and presentations can be found on the website

    3. First Conasense book.

      1. Chapters of the book are based on contributions during the first annual workshop.
      2. Due to some delayed submissions it was not possible to publish the book in 2012. Aim is to present you the book at the second annual workshop in March 2013.

    4. Topical Conasense workshop organized as panel meeting in WPMC 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan, September 2012.

      1. Presentations can be found on the Conasense website
      2. Material will be used for the first issue of the new Conasense Journal, to be published by River Publisher.

    5. Conasense established as international foundation

      1. After many discussions related to establishing a world-wide foundation and after various contributions from inside and outside Conasense, the official registration of Conasense as a legal international foundation took place at 10 December, 2012.
      2. Present Board of Conasense
        Leo Ligthart (Chairman)
        Homayoun Nikookar (Secretariat/Finances)
        Marina Ruggieri (Member)
        Ramjee Prasad (Member)
      3. Legitimate registration: Foundation Conasense (acronym for Communication, Navigation, Sensing and Services). Official location: Kniekas 29, 2614SZ Delft, The Netherlands. Internet address: . Email address: conasense Date of establishment at 08-11-2012; official registration in Chamber of Commerce 10-12-2012.
      4. Type of organization: Conasense is a non-profit organization. The organization can not ask for membership fee. Ongoing costs of Conasense should be covered by financial contributions from participants of the annual Conasense workshop in February or March.
      5. Under the umbrella of Conasense working groups can be formed. Each working group may request membership fee
As you may understand, I am very satisfied to get so much support for Conasense in this initial phase. Because Conasense is now officially established I come to my wish list for 2013.
    1. Second annual Conasense workshop 2013, 25-26 March 2013

      1. You are invited to prepare a presentation
      2. You are invited to write a chapter for the second Conasense book based on the material prepared for the workshop.

    2. Requested financial contribution for the second annual Conasense workshop 2013.

      1. Hotel expenses ( 1 diner + 2 lunches + 1 night+ breakfast), 2-day meeting room is expected to be around 250
      2. First Conasense book (hard copy) will be 75
      3. Foundation costs (administration, financial control) 100
      4. Your contribution in total will be around 425
      5. Please confirm your participation before February 1, 2013. After your confirmation I shall send you an official invoice.

    3. Topical Conasense workshop in New Brunswick, New Yersey, USA, 24-27 June, 2013, jointly with IWS2013; see

    4. Establishing 1 or 2 Conasense working groups

      1. Each working group has its own focus on a selected Conasense area
      2. Each working group will be established after in depth discussions and approval during the annual Conasense workshop in March 2013. Also the chairman and secretary of each working group are then appointed.
      3. Each working group is monitored by the Conasense board based on reports from the working group chairman before and after each working group meeting
      4. Membership fees per working group as discussed during the first annual Conasense workshop. Students 50 per year, non-students 100 per year. The fees are paid to the Conasense foundation. Costs for organizing the working group meetings are paid by the Conasense foundation.

    5. Institutes can sponsor Conasense. Minimum sponsorship per institute 500 yearly. Institutes will receive per year in hard copy: 3 (annual) Conasense books and 3 issues of the Conasense Journal, expected journal volumes 2-3 per year.

    6. Conasense will stimulate and or support submission of Conasense projects by recommending strong Conasense consortia, specifically set-up for selected Conasense areas. Participating institutes in the consortia pay a fee to Conasense for consultancy, coordination, reviews and advices from experts selected during the annual Conasense workshop in March and/or proposed by the board. Strong consortia have higher chance for receiving grants. In case the strength of the global Conasense initiative is demonstrated the consortia will get support more easy from granting organisations.

    7. Expectation on memberships in 2013. In total 20 members: 15 personal and 5 institutional memberships. In the annual Conasense workshop March 2013 a point on the agenda will be free access to the Journal for those who paid personal membership fee.

Many regards and looking forward to hearing from you before February 1, 2013,


Prof. Dr. Leo P. Ligthart
Em. Prof. Delft Universiteit of Technology
Guest prof. UI and ITB, Indonesia
Scientific advisor IRCTR-I
Chairman Conasense
Board of Governors IEEE-AESS